Difficulty: E
Uphill gradient: 628 m
Walking time: 2,20 - 2,40 ore
Trailmarker: red line
It follows the ancient “Via de Lexe” road which goes up to Prato Rotondo crossing a dirt road more than once.

How to access it: 
a) By bus from Varazze
b) By car: starting from Varazze, you have to take the county road to Sassello; after one kilometer you have to take another road on your right which goes up to Casanova and Fáie.



The trail is marked by a red stripe. Starting from the Fáie church (482 m), go on for a while on the road, then take a trail which goes to a house. Go on for a few dozen meters on the road, you will arrive to another house. Walking along a fence, you will reach a dirt road which links le Fáie to Prato Rotondo. Go on for a long stretch on the road, then take a trail which goes through the trees and crosses the road again. Then follow the road again and you will arrive at a junction at 600 m: here you have to go right on the dirt road which goes slowly up in a wood. The small road ends in front of a catch basin of an aqueduct. Go on a path which crosses a stream, then it goes up in a wood where there are many rocks. You will arrive at the Prierosse ridge, panoramic and grassy (770 m). The trail crosses some streams, then goes up in a wood until it arrives on a small tableland, where it turns left. Here it turns into a dirt road and goes on towards east through the plants, crossing Prialunga stream until a nice meadow. Leave a dirt road on your left, go up towards north-east along an incline strewn with rocks, then through woods of beeches, until you arrive at 973 m, where you will find a large road which goes from Fáie to Prato Rotondo. Cross the road and go up through grass, rocks and beeches until you reach the dirt road: along the broad shelf of Prato Rotondo, the road goes up to the hotel whith the same name (1110 m).





Difficulty: T
Uphill gradient: 50 m
Walking time: 40 min
Trailmarker: letter D

Easy walk in the places where important archaeological finds, dating back to the Neolithic, were found.
How to reach it: 
a) By bus from Varazze to Alpicella.
b) By car: from Varazze, you have to follow the direction Sassello; then, at Pero hamlet, turn right towards Alpicella - M. Beigua. Go on for 3 Km, pass over “U Baraccun” restaurant and reach, after 300 m on the left side on the road which turns right, a sign which says “Scavi Archeologici” (Archaeological excavations). Go on by car for 250 m, park in the Alpicella graveyard parking and go back on foot until you will reach the sign you met before.



Starting from the sign, go downhill along a clear path for a short stretch (keeping the right) until you meet Teiro stream, which you will cross passing on an ancient roman bridge called “Ponte dei Ratti”. Go on and you will reach an asphalted road. Follow it on the left going downhill and you will meet a sign (on your right) which says “Scavi Archeologici”. Follow the path for 500 m until you reach the shelter, where archaeological finds were discovered and are now kept in the museum in Alpicella.


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